Friday, March 14, 2008

The stillness amidst the chaos, the slight oblivion, it’s all because of you...

“Shoar main khamoshi hain, thodi si behoshi hain, tum se hi, tum se hi.”

Mohit Chauhan croones in his soft yet crisp voice. At first I thought it was KK. Anyways, irrespective of who the singer is, this song rates as one of the most romantic songs I have heard. To the heart that has felt love; the melancholy that is rendered in the song is evident.
Close your eyes and take a walk down memory lane. Think of someone who is dear. Who made a difference, maybe someone who is a part of you…

“Main tera Sarmaya hoon, jo bhi main ban paaya hoon, tum se hi, tum se hi.”
(I am, but your asset, whatever I have become, I have… because of you)

A song that makes me feel heavy and light, at the same time. That stirs something lost deep in me every time I listen to it.

Fall in Love. Video from YouTube (** Thank you Aparna, for pointing out the incorrect link**)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Today's fortune?

So. Like any other day, I logon to Orkut. This is what I see first :)

For once, Let Orkut be right!!