Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Moments, Memories..and More

There are many changes happening around me. Some good, some not so good. Some of my friends are moving to new roles, some, to new organizations, to new things in life. I know I will miss some of the things that used to be. I hope some things will work out better this year, compared to last.

What surprises me, is the realization that I feel I am going to miss some people though I know I will still see them often. It is very weird, that a change, however minute, still affects us if we are attached to something and we don't want to let go. For some, it is people. For some, it is work. A role. A position, maybe a friend. If something changes, it affects us. The change may not trigger any other displacement in the sequence of events that happen in our everyday lives. Still, it affects us.

Sometimes, the most profound thoughts are formed when you are actually not thinking.

I know, that there are several incidents which make us feel sad on parting, quite a few moments that we want to hold on to forever. When we think of these moments, it makes us almost not go. But remember at these times, that the beauty of a moment, is in the fact that it is fleeting. As we try to hold on to it, it slips away from our hands..this makes us cherish the moment even more. Moments turn into memories, that remain with us forever.

This date may be our last in one chapter of our life , tomorrow may be our first in a new chapter. While dates come and dates go, Moments are forever. Dates are for strangers to remember, friends remember moments.

To all those friends who are moving away to new challenges, new roles, new organizations, new phases in their lives .. All the very best. Maybe we will be in touch, maybe we will not. But the memories of the moments we created together, will always remain!


Anonymous said...


Exceptionally well said.

Beauty of anything and everything in life is in its uncertainty and temporariness. The moment we try to remove the uncertainty and make things secure, permanent the beauty, freshness and something more is lost.



Gees said...

So true and so beautifully put. I agree with most of the things you have said. I like the positiveness of your thoughts "As we try to hold on it,it slips away from our hand...this makes us cherish the moment even more."

Swapna said...

good one....

i was listening to this song and reading....

Raj said...

Tnx.. though I wish we will always be friends :)

Shruti said...

:-( there is no sweetness in the sorrow caused by parting.. I wonder what Shakespeare was thinking when he said that.. and yea.. change.. I so so hate that thing aargh!