Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Random things about me that no one is interested in

  • My work involves planning
  • ...I hate to plan anything in my personal life. Not even a trip to a friends place. But I love my work. Now you know why I am called Mad :))
  • I respect the English language too much to see it being brow beaten to a level below mediocracy. Downright horrible. I am no Wren or Martin, but I do think that "How is you?" "My bad" and "Wassup with yo bro" is not cool! "Moi" is not even a word. It is just a weird noise.
  • I sing all the time. I mean, all the time. At work, at home, during transit. Sometimes I sing out loud, sometimes in my mind. But there is always a song running in me.
  • I love FRIENDS. I watch it all the time. And the Harry Potter series..books, movies, the works.
  • If it is a song, the words just flow. I usually get the entire song penned in the first draft, and that would be final. But I cannot write otherwise for nuts. I keep re-doing it umpteen number of times. And to think I wanted to be a journalist!
  • I once wrote a tale called "New Year's Eve". I am still trying to find it.
  • I am a coffee addict. Cannot go a day without atleast 3 cups.
  • I am now going to get a cup of coffee. My first one for the day. Catch you later!


Kulli said...

I was cracking my brains not knowing what to write in the 'about me' section in your matrimony profile. Thanks da madhu ;)

kulli said...

Don you worry about the 'who'll be interested' part of it!