Saturday, August 21, 2010

And then some.

There is no such thing called a stupid question.
Only stupid people who ask questions to prove that they are idiots.

I was at a wedding recently. One person came to me and greeted me. Then he asked, ‘Have you come for the wedding?’
‘No, I came to buy stamps.’ I wanted to say. But instead, as the unwritten rules and norms of how to behave in a wedding or a huge gathering of a similar event propagate, I smiled and nodded. And this continues throughout the ceremony. You might be sitting next to someone and having breakfast. Both of you would have proceeded towards the wash area to wash your hands. And when you are returning, he would turn to you and ask quite innocently – ‘So, had breakfast?’
‘Well no, I was here to do some toddy cultivation’ would be a good answer to give. But again, as dictated by the unwritten rules yada yada, I do the head nodding thingy.
I figure, you throw in some good old drum beats, and the dying dance form of head banging might have been invented at wedding ceremonies.

Another thing about weddings I quite don’t understand is the constant need to reassure people that there is enough food for all. ‘Please have dinner. Don’t leave without having dinner.’ The groom or the bride will have to repeat every time they are greeted or wished by someone.
In my wedding, I had told ‘thank you for coming’ and ‘please have dinner’ so many times, I ended up telling the guy who came to adjust the flower decorations in the background, ‘thank you for coming.’

He gave me a startled look, and hurried off. I guess he does not get a lot of courtesy, or get thanked a lot for doing his job. A little appreciation goes a long way, I will tell you that! He rewarded me by putting a couple of extra garlands, each weighing about half a kilogram, around my shoulders. Talk about bearing the family burden from day 0!

..and thus the tale continues....


Sri said...

nice read madhu! :) u cld write a book on such stuff :)

Gee said...

Hehehehe,yeah it's food for thought why people ask such questions!
Btw,hurrrrray...hope to see someone blogging again now w/o any breaks :-)