Thursday, April 28, 2011

You are unaware that God is nearby.

You are unaware that God is nearby. "Tu na jaane aas paas hai Khuda"

Whenever I am caught in a pensive moment, or a moment of confusion, this is the song I listen to now. And it never fails to give me strength to move ahead. Long ago, when we were 16, Sarangan once told me, as we were walking down the road leading to his house, that he had figured out how to keep a steady mind in any kind of situation. He said, he would just repeat to himself "even this will pass, keep walking". My father once told me, right before my college applications started, "Nothing is the end of the world". This song reminds me of the same messages, every time. And it tells me that God is everywhere.

Is there a God? Yes. Is God omnipresent? Yes. Can you see God? YES.
Wherever you see kindness, sacrifice, justice, love - you see God. God is just another name for these.

The mother who brought you to life, bearing unimaginable suffering - is God
The father who bared all to provide everything he can for you - God
The teacher who taught you to stand on your own - God
The doctors and Nurses who cater to your illness and treat you till you become strong - God
The mentors who help you grow in life - God
The idols and images you worship, the temples, Churches and Holy Shrines you visit that give you a sense of peace and protection - God
The dear departed who continue to live through our memories, whenever we think of them - God
The kind person who buys some food for a starving urchin - God
The passer-by who stops to pick up a dropped wallet or a bag to return to the owner - God
The people who hurt you, and thus make you stronger - God
The love in your life that teaches you tolerance - God
The life you have, because of which you experience love - God

I simply cannot get over these lines especially -

"So what if dusk prevails, so what if night unveils
When darkness around you, will bind
At that time, My path, you will find
In that path, again, morning will be born."

"Ho shaam bhi toh kya
Jab hoga andhera

Tab payega dar mera

Uss dar pe phir hogi teri subah"

"When you feel you have none to care
Be aware, with you, I shall always be there
For a second, not even , from you I shall be away"

"Ho humsafar na tera jab koi
Tu ho jahan, rahoonga main wahi

tujhse kabhi na ek pal bhi main juda"

You are unaware that God is nearby.


Gee said...

Is it a feel-good post? I guess it is because I felt good after reading it and I agree with you, 'You can see god' :-)

Keep writing and it's a nice song too!

pmvragh said...

Nice and True Madhu...

Keep writing and always be true..

I still maintain that Nothing is the End of the World...
You will also remember the term "What If?"

All the Best to you !!

Amrita said...

:) Yep. so true - nothing is actually the end of the world. Am delighted to see someone else like the song so much, cos its a song i hold very close :)